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For mortgage advice we may apply a fee, the maximum fee payable, dependent of the complexity of your mortgage requirements, would be £499.

Financial Advice – The Benefits

Seeking Independent Financial Advice is key to achieving wider financial security. Whilst walking into a bank and asking them for advice is better than nothing. Bank financial advisers work for the bank and are targeted to sell the banks products even if there are better products out there.

Independent financial advisers or IFAs work for you! You pay us a fee and we will research the marketplace and find the best product that suits you. We don’t get paid commission from providers so we do not have bias towards a particular provider. We will help you find the best products that meet both your goals and your attitude to risk.


Annuity Quote

Are you looking for an annuity quote.  Remember we now have an in-house annuity comparison service called Abbey Annuity.

Abbey Annuity specialises in comparing annuity rates across the UK. Our qualified professional Independent Financial Advisers can help you to get more income from your pension using your open market option.

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Mortgage Rates – What could be the solution

All the talk in the news about mortgage rates is getting some people worried about their existing mortgage arrangements. Some people are even panic buying fixed interest mortgage deals. This could be beneficial if rates do rise because your mortgage payments would be fixed for a set period (usually 2-5 years).

However recently the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, has changed his view on the economy stating that rates would remain low despite the recent fall in unemployment. This prompts analysts to predict that rates shouldn’t be much different from now by the end of 2014. With maybe slightly higher rates due to both tougher lending rules and the fact that we will be closer to an eventual base rate rise.

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Independent Financial Advisers in Sheffield

Abbey Lane Financial Associates are Independent Financial Advisers and Independent Mortgage Advisers based in both Sheffield and Manchester. We specialise in a wide range of areas including investments, wills and estate planning, pensions (pre and post retirement) and financial protection.

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Independent Mortgage Adviser Sheffield

If you are looking for an independent mortgage adviser based in sheffield then look no further. Abbey Lane Financial Associates has been advising customers on mortgages since 1989.

All of our independent mortgage advisers are fully qualified and fully independent. This means they can offer you products from the whole of marketplace. Unlike some banks or building societies which can only offer products from their own bank or building society.

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Financial Adviser Manchester

If you are looking for a financial adviser in Manchester contact Abbey Lane Financial Associates today. We now have an office in Middleton Shopping Centre in Manchester. This further extends our reach to our customers in Manchester, Liverpool and surrounding areas and gives our customers a point of contact closer to home.

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Financial Advisers in Sheffield

Abbey Lane Financial Associates are Financial Advisers in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, we pride our selves on our highly skilled Diploma qualified financial advisers and admin team.

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In your initial meeting with your financial adviser they will gather the relevant facts about your current financial situation, they will gauge your attitude to risk profile, and find out more about your financial goals. They will use this information to formulate an action plan and recommend products that meet your needs.

Fun Day

Abbey Lane Financial Associates would like to thank everyone who attended our annual fun day this year. It was a great day with plenty of music, dancing and Paella!

We would like to thank our caterers PaellaWorld for providing the catering for the event and thank everyone else who participated. If you are looking for a Paella Pan contact PaellaWorld today.

Will mortgage interest rates rise this year?

The question everyone seems to be asking this year is will mortgage rates rise? Whilst many people are scrambling to get the longest fixed rate deal, others are holding out hoping they will remain low for another year.

Whilst savers are affected by low interest rates with many of them turning to property or riskier share investments to give their investments a chance to out perform inflation. Other people especially young families on the breadline are relying on mortgage rates to stay low as long as possible. Many of these people have said they could fall into mortgage arrears should rates rise again.

Whilst the bank of England has said it will only consider a rise in the bank of England base rate should unemployment fall below 7% and the economy be stable. Currently unemployment stands at 7.4% in the 3 months to October 2013 so we are getting closer to that all important target. However it is just one of the Banks targets and even reaching the target does not mean an immediate rise in rates.

Many analysts are predicting a 2015 rise in rates with some even considering 2016 as the year of the rate rise. We would probably side with the analysts here. With the governments next election in 2015 we would expect pressure from them to keep rates low and keep voters happy. But anything could happen…

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