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Mortgage Broker in Sheffield

A mortgage broker in Sheffield or an independent mortgage adviser as we like to call them is part of a number of people including conveyancing solicitors you should choose when purchasing a home. Whether is be your first or even 5th, getting the right advice when it comes to your mortgage is key to getting the best deal.

Getting it wrong could cost you thousands in additional interest over the mortgage term. Many products are designed to attract customers with fancy features such as cash back deals or low initial fees, however many of these products have a high rate of interest so the interest charged more than outweighs the benefits of any cash back deals. An independent mortgage broker can see past all this advertising as they work for you and will explain all your options to you.

Contact Abbey Lane Financial Associates today on 0114 287 3891 or email us at and one of our independent mortgage brokers will contact you.

IFA Sheffield

Many people know a financial adviser as an IFA, actually IFA stands for Independent Financial Adviser so unless your adviser is independent they cannot call themselves an IFA.

The difference between an IFA and a financial adviser lies in the products they can offer. An independent  financial adviser can offer products from the whole of market and work for you. A financial adviser works for the company they work under and will usually only offer their products.

This robs you of the opportunity to see other companies products which could be better. If you are looking for an IFA in Sheffield contact Abbey Lane Financial Associates today.


Abbey Lane has a separate specialist company called Abbey Annuity. Abbey Annuities specialist Independent Financial Advisers help you to see a variety of options that could be available to you at retirement.

They will first establish your current retirement provision and your retirement income goals. They will then establish any shortfall in your retirement provision and give you a series of options based on your circumstances.

Planning for retirement

If you are looking for an efficient, professional and cost effective retirement planning solution then contact Abbey Lane Financial Associates today.

Our expert Independent Financial Advisers will help you to both plan and save for your retirement, provide you with projections for your current pensions of what they will be worth in the future giving you an idea of what you need to save to meet your target retirement income.

We can also assist you at retirement. Finding the best place to make your pension pot work for you or assisting you in drawing down your pension pot in full and investing as you choose to provide an income for retirement.

Financial Advisor Sheffield

Seeking Independent Financial Advice is one of the most important decisions a person can make relating to their Financial well-being. No matter where you are in the social class ladder financial advice can help you. Whether it be setting up a pension for the first time, investing money for your children’s future education or even saving for a new car.

Making sure your money is both in the right place and that it suits your attitude to risk is key to both the success of your investments and your comfort level relating to them.

An independent financial advisor will help you to set your attitude to risk and then use their expert knowledge to select products based on your goals and attitude to risk profile. As we are independent we work for you, the client. We do not work for banks or financial institutions.

Banks and institutions will have their own advisers. However don’t be fooled unless they are independent financial advisers they are usually restricted financial advisers that will sell you the banks products and they are usually on a commission basis.

The Importance of Investment Advice

When you have money to invest there is nothing more important than seeking professional investment advice to help you achieve both your investment goals, and help in finding an investment that suits your attitude to risk.

When using a professional independent financial adviser from Abbey Lane Financial Associates you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

All of our Independent Financial Advisers and Independent Mortgage Advisers are highly trained and qualified to the level set by the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority.

They will assess your personal and financial circumstances and discuss the various financial products which are out there, which are suited to you and advice you on the pro’s and con’s of each of the options.

Pension Advice Sheffield

If you are looking for pension advice in sheffield then contact Abbey Lane Financial Associates today! Established in 1989 we have been providing pension advice from our Sheffield head office nationwide.

Pension advice can be a key decision in your life. Now that the government is allowing people to take all of your pension at once less your marginal rate of tax, advice is key to making the most of not been able to buy an annuity.



Wills Advice

When it comes to wills and death many people shy away from the subject. This is to be expected as many people today choose to live in the now and not in the future. However death is inevitable and preparing for it now can save your family extra grief caused by the UKs complicated probate system. Currently the UKs probate system for when a will is not in place on death works the following way.

Laws of Intestacy

Now as you will see in the following article these UK laws can be very unfavourable to certain family members and also the inheritance tax charges can rise dramatically.

By contacting authorised will society will writers Abbey Lane Financial Associates today you can be sure you can avoid the laws of intestacy and write a valid will. You can then direct in your own words where you wish for your estate to be directed on your death.




Mortgage Rates – What could be the solution

All the talk in the news about mortgage rates is getting some people worried about their existing mortgage arrangements. Some people are even panic buying fixed interest mortgage deals. This could be beneficial if rates do rise because your mortgage payments would be fixed for a set period (usually 2-5 years).

However recently the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, has changed his view on the economy stating that rates would remain low despite the recent fall in unemployment. This prompts analysts to predict that rates shouldn’t be much different from now by the end of 2014. With maybe slightly higher rates due to both tougher lending rules and the fact that we will be closer to an eventual base rate rise.

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