Unfortunately, the company has ceased to trade and Roderick Graham Butcher of Butcher Woods was appointed Liquidator on 21 March 2023.

If you have a query regarding the company, you should contact the Liquidators office at:

Butcher Woods
79 Caroline Street
B3 1UP

Telephone number: 0121 236 6001


Direct your enquiry to Rod Butcher or Ashley Millensted.

Abbey acted as an independent financial advisor for various products. These products were provided by insurance companies and your investment/cover sits with them.

Any queries regarding the product or the cover provided should be addressed to the particular insurance company providing the product.

Below are various questions which will hopefully assist you:

The Liquidator would be pleased to receive from any person any useful information concerning Abbey, which may assist them.

A debtor is someone who owes money To the Company.

A creditor is owed money By the Company.

If you have a complaint, please email

Existing complaints will continue to be processed and you should expect a prompt response. If you remain unsatisfied, please bring your complaint to the attention of the Liquidator as above.

No. You can make a claim directly to the Company. A Claims Management Company can also help you submit a claim. It is up to you if you want to use one. If you decide to use a Claims Management Company, please make sure you understand the scope of their services and how much it will cost you before agreeing to its service.

The Liquidator will assess all claims during the course of the Liquidation. No payments will be made until all of the assets have been sold or realised. Currently, we do not have a date for the payment of any claims and we do not know what amount of funds will be available to creditors.

If your claim is agreed by the Liquidator, you will be an unsecured creditor of the Company. This means you will be entitled to participate in any distribution of the cash remaining in the Company, once all assets have been sold or realised and the costs of the liquidation have been met.

Please be aware that, if your claim is admitted by the Liquidator, the payment you receive is likely to be smaller than any accepted claim amount. This is because it is expected that the total value of all accepted claims received will exceed the money available to be shared out amongst the unsecured creditors.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme ("FSCS") may be able to protect consumers when authorised financial services firms fail or stop trading. It can consider whether claims made against these firms are eligible within the rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") and pay compensation if the eligibility criteria are met.

You can now make a claim directly with FSCS. If you don't, you may end up with less money in retirement than you should have done. FSCS may be able to pay up to £85,000 in compensation.

You don't need a claims management company or a solicitor to make a claim with FSCS. They are independent and their service is free to use. You'll keep 100% of the compensation you're owed when you claim directly through FSCS.

You can make an FSCS claim via their website You'll also be able to find more information on defined benefit pension transfer advice generally, including how FSCS calculate compensation for pension transfer claims, by visiting, and the British Steel Pension Scheme transfer, by visiting

If you have any questions about FSCS or require help setting up your claim, you can contact their Customer Contact Centre on 0800 678 1100 or via the following link

Do not give your details to anyone who approaches you, alleging that they work for the Company or the Liquidators as we will not contact you directly.

The Liquidators are under a duty to treat each claim equally. Every claim will therefore be assessed in the same way, irrespective of who submits the claim. As mentioned previously, customers do not need to use a Claims Management Company or third party to submit a claim. Using a Claims Management Company or third party will not accelerate the claims process, nor entitle you to a higher claim amount. If you decide to use a Claims Management Company, please make sure you understand the scope of their services and how much it will cost you before agreeing to its service.

We will never ask for your account details or security details by phone or email.